Friday, December 26, 2008

happy christmas!!

sorry about the lack of updates.
it's been a crazy month.
got back from the london, went to NYC for two days, then houston for four days, then new orleans for liek a week, back to houston, back to new orleans and am still in new orleans until dec 30th.
see....i'm working on my senior thesis right now (yes yes i am still a junior). i am making a video documentary about southern debutantes. i am also making my new orleans debut, hence why i've been so scattered and not updating!
but happy xmas to all.
my gifts were being able to debut and then i got a lot of mayle clothing!! yay.

but here are some clothes i've been wearing.
the weather here has been crazy. 30 one day but 80 0r 70 degrees for the rest of the time.
all i can say is like whoa.

some clothes.

my best friend jon and i were filming a ninja movie during my short interium in houson. this is our fake fragrance ad.
i am wearing oriela kiely

prada shoes
ebay phillip lim dress
american apparel tights

jacket from urban outfitters
anna sui sweater
sunshine and shadow scarf

steven alan shirt
thrifted tie
my dad's tie bar
sonia rykiel shorts
chie mihara shoes

must get back to attending all the debutante parties (not the balls. though i'm having two balls right now. one was on dec 19th, and one dec 28th) but there are parties to celebrate girls who are debutantes. they are like christmas parties (ie cocktail wear) but for debutantes



Hunter said...

how i miss new orleans weather *sigh*

i always remember the balls being so stressful

louise or valentine said...

they are stressful but so much fun. however i am glad to be back in texas and just hanging out!

clairegrenade said...

man, do i love your taste in shoes!!