Sunday, March 22, 2009

long time no see

school has been quite intense! hence the lack of updates until now. in fact, i had just put this on the backburner. but now, im back!

so why has school been intense?
well, i've been working on my thesis. but caroline, you say, you're a junior! right you are, but there is no time like the present to start my senior thesis. and i kind of switched topics. i was working on a film documentary of new orleans's debutantes but now i am working on photographic images of the south and my family. i'll post my images soon.

im also in a rather intense but utterly fascinating class on children's cinema and my portrait class, which i can't rave about enough, is eating my time. but b/c i give these things my time, they grow into time eating monsters and just get rather large. but i like putting work into these things.

i also got an internship at Maxim. yes, the magazine with the near nude ladies in it. i rather enjoy it for these reasons a) i'm not a fan of the magazine so my hopes aren't dashed when it's not what i expected it to be, B) b/c i had no expectations, it ended up surpassing said expectations and C) i'm given actually photo work to do. find these images via stock agencies is way better than hey intern (note the no name) update this blog. or just sit there.
its fun and i work for the photo dept and its full of rather cool ladies.

so this is a picture of me and some classmates

the cute asian girl is esther. who dresses very well. and the other lovely lady named marissa. she is doing this awesome project on old women in new jersey. quite cool.
this was a flash exercise. so we took a vivatar flash and bounced it off the ceiling and then the whiteboard. i think this is bounced off the ceiling.
what i'm wearing
a delias sweater
a marc by marc jacobs shirt
a marni skirt
3.1 phillip lim belt
american apparel tights
jeremy campbell shoes (oxford style)

more to come soon! we just had spring break and i held some fashion shoots.
oh yeah.


Rie said...

Oh god, the HEY INTERN thing made me want to cut a bitch.

Everything else I could put up with, but geez, I was the only dyke in the office, you think they'd remember...Ophie in the back remembered!

You look great, and the thesis sounds really interesting. Good luck at Maxim!

louise or valentine said...

hahah yep!
they finally got my name but i had worked there for awhile. it was kind of demeaning...
gracias love!