Monday, December 6, 2010

oh gosh yeah

With a couple days of Hanukkah behind us, I just realized, oh whoa, Christmas is around the corner, Santa is on his way, time to break out the eggnog (though I'm more of an apple cider person- but whatever, I'm not one to turn down festive foods). And how fortuitous, my friend Heather called me to say she was walking around the holiday mart in Union Square.
But it was cold, we meet up in Whole Foods and started meandering towards Buffalo Exchange.
It's always the day you don't really feel like buying anything but you are just looking, no no really just looking, see? I've got my jacket and two sweaters on (I chill easily) and my hat and scarf, but oh, what is this? What is THIS piece of lovely poking it's eggplant crushed velvet arm out of the dress section? What is this, what's this?!?!
It was a long sleeved, crushed velvet eggplant jumpsuit from Betsey Johnson circa early '90s.
I put it on, it was magical, like the stuff fairy dreams are made of.
It was both flattering and dowdy, slim and blousey, all at the same time.
And I bought it for less than twenty dollars.
This was better than the time I purchased a 1980's era Perry Ellis pencil skirt for five dollars from a junk store.
It was much better, only because I felt like I should start a rousing rendition of "Smelly Cats" or start waxing poetical on about Jordan Cantalono's eyes.

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Isabel said...

"Rousing rendition of "Smelly Cats"".
You need to make a video of this! Just sayin'. If you want to send me the shirt, I would be much obliged to take it off yr hands! Just drop me a line: eloquentseriatim(at)hotmail(dot)com.