Friday, December 3, 2010

Timo Weiland Trunk Show at Debut

Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Timo Weiland Trunk show at Debut. Accompanied by my friend Danlly and his lovely friend Dhani, a writer from Fashionista, we spent a couple of hours looking over wares in the store.
Full Disclosure: I've never been to Debut before (at 298 Mulberry, a half block from East Houston). I've walked past it, debated about going in but just kept walking- you know how it is, when you could stop but there's no time, and you're late, late for a date, no time to say hello goodbye, b/c you're quite late.
The store is amazing though- it's really well curated, wares are laid out as art would be in a museum. Each designer has a little section with wee cards giving background on the designers. The designers are from all over the place.
Right, right-we walk in and I instantly bee-line towards this amazing blue button down, because you can never really have too many of those. I tried it on, it was magical, brilliant, I wanted it and I bought it. This button down will be making an appearance very soon, mind you, but you can spy it in the photos below. The collar alone will blow your mind, as well as the price points (most things are between 200-600, including shirts, skirts, what not).
I've always been curious about this brand, ever since I saw them on the cover of Time Out, and having heard Danlly talk about them. Pursuing on the internet, I checked out some photos of their clothing, it's quite me, if I do say so. Quirky, simple but with bold colors, well edited, well made- the pieces stand out b/c they are at both times wholly original but still traditional.
I met Timo and Alan, two of the designers behind Timo Weiland (it's a trio of brilliance) and they are so kind, lovely, funny, in short, rather awesome.

Essentially, you should check this line out now. Right now. Why aren't you googling it yet? Get on this.

the brains behind the operations

handsome danlly

can you spot my new blue shirt??

what i wore:

best thing about my outfit? all from thrift stores, on sale or from major chain stores
jacket- brooks brothers black fleece label found at HOUSING WORKS (yes, you heard that right)
shirt and tights- american apparel
undershirt- j crew outlet store in mississippi
hat- calvin klein outlet store, sugarland, texas
shirt- isabel marant, ridiculously onsale somewhere in soho
shoes- from maceys in illnois
necklace- woven cotton belt from american apparel


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