Monday, February 14, 2011

Elise Overland on Ice Skates, and oh yeah, Johnny Weir

Saturday was the Elise Overland Presentation at the Standard Hotel ice skating rink. It was, by far, the most creative and breathtaking presentation. Models stood in front of an ice sculpture on the rink, while figure skaters that were decked out in Elise Overland wares skated around them. It was so cold, I momentarily lost the feeling in my fingertips, why I thought not to bring gloves to an outside presentation centered around a large chunk of ice is beyond me. But the very beautiful ice skaters and the really loud techno music distracted me from the cold.
This presentation was one of the few of this season that allowed for passerbyers to interact and see the collection. A lot of tourists that were walking along stopped to take photos. I got to the rink a bit early, and wedged myself right up against the edge of the rink in an attempt to try to photograph.

and Johnny Weir

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