Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends in Red Skinny Jeans and Toggle Coat, the Marais

What I love about photographing two friends together is how often times they seem to fit together like perfect puzzle pieces, complimenting one another. It would make sense that friends who have things in common and that commonality and innate closeness would come out in the photograph, be it through body language, facial expression and similarities in clothing.
However, what I love about photographing teen friends is their effortless style and inquisitive but cool indifference as to why I chose them. And why not? Teens and their style, seem almost unplanned, with their worn out shoes, big bags, skinny jeans and beat up vintage jackets. On an adult, it would work as well as a great outfit but on a teenager, it becomes so much cooler. That's probably b/c when I was a teen all the teens I knew wore Abercrombie and diamond cross necklaces. While these outfits aren't the craziest things I've seen, they are unusual but unaffected, they seem to have just thrown them b/c they were 20 minutes late to meet one another and ran out the door to meet and grab a cafe au lait and go shopping.
In other words, they seem real. Unstyled and they don't really care what you think.
Which makes a great photograph.

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