Friday, September 10, 2010

lorick s/s 2011, new york fashion week

Lorick spring summer 2011 fashion show was not only a breath of fresh air but one of the best collections I've seen from Abigail Lorick. Her past collections, which should be noted are the ghost designed collections of Eleanor Waldorf on "Gossip Girl," are incredibly constructed dresses and pencil skirts made from raw silks and luxurious prints that harken from yester-year. Her clothes often remind me of vintage dresses fit for a debutante that summers in Martha's Vineyard and spends September to May in a lovely college somewhere below the Mason Dixon line. Think silks, pearls, full skirts.
This new collection was a complete departure from that.

While it features Lorick's innate sense of detail and tailoring, she starts to take basic pieces and complete turn them around. That, in my mind, is what designers do. Lorick's older collections featured beautiful dresses but there wasn't much innovation. This collection was innovative!
See-thru silk shorts, reversible dresses, long gingham skirts that become see thru beyond the mid thighs (such a throw back to Comme des Garcon's gingham collections from the mid-90s), but the collection with it's soft colors, dusty pinks, blushes and a few pops of bright blue silks and chiffons ultimately references the 1930's.
my favorite photos of the collection

but this was what i found most breathtaking

Backless dresses, close up of a pocket knife tied to a belt- this attention to eccentric detail is a great direction for Lorick to head in. It's like Iris Appel or Little Edie but for a younger audience. I find myself lusting after the pocket knife, but I'd a bit of fur to it.

anywho, i was rather obsessed with it.
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Gorgeous collection! Very elegant and innovative.. I can't wait to wear these clothes!

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This collection is gorgeous! Every unexpected (but fabulous of course) touch that is added to each piece makes the collection truly special and unique!