Friday, September 17, 2010

new york street style, outside of rodarte, lincoln center and the meatpacking district

The updates continue of street style shots captured during fashion week. Do I sometimes feel vaguely like the fashion paparazzi? Sometimes yes but I felt that mainly outside of Rodarte, perhaps because some of the press were shooting peoples names. However, mostly I feel like a documentarian, quietly observing the ever delightful and highly rare birds of color in Papa New Guinea. Street style photographing is more about the likes of the photographer and really less about who is stylish. Everyone I shoot is stylish and fashion forward in my book, but most people that I photograph won't end up on the Sartorialist because of how different our likes and dislikes are and, honestly, that's rather fine with me. I think he tends to confuse beauty and wealth with style. He tends to shoot a lot of very, very attractive women in rather simple but obviously designer outfits. While they look great, I tend to find that very boring, however it's something that works very well for him. I think fashion should be never be boring, but, again, my style. In that vein, more street style shots.

Lynn Yeager and my friend Monique Valentine Garofalo outside of Lincoln Center

As I was wondering around the Meatpacking Disctrict, I saw this woman out of the corner of my eye. I followed her for a block before I got up the courage to ask for her photograph. I think her taste is impeccable and I, being a glasses wearer, am always fascinated by sunglasses and glasses that look so organic upon the wearer and with their outfits. If something looks like a piece and it doesn't belong, that always throws me off. But this woman was perfect in my book, very chic, very fashion word but vaguely eccentric in that way that only people with great style have.

This woman was one of the nicest and most personable people I have ever photographed. I noticed her balenciaga flats and how well they complimented her unique skirt and top. She spent a couple minutes chatting with me about my lipstick and complimented, which was rather nice of her.

I just love the prints and colors that this woman was wearing.

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Alex H said...

wow you look great hope all is well Monique miss u dad Alex

Alex H said...

wow you look great Monique dad