Monday, September 27, 2010

mayle pop up store

Visiting the uptown Sigerson Morrison store for a second time with Moya, Most of the pieces had been recieved and, to my eyes, a lace romper had sold out. The shoes still haven't been received yet, however we heard there were going to be three different styles, all fall booties.
We spied 3 different coats, leather shorts and pants, two different styles of tops, two dresses with different color and fabric variations, one dress had a drop waist style in a mayle esque print of black and white, another dress looked very seventies with a necktie, blouse and a-line skirt combo.
the dresses were mayle esque but slightly more of a departure than we've seen before. they felt more bohemian, and a throw back to the mid-seventies in style, which is something we've seen jane reference before, however not this strongly. that being said, the colors/prints were beautiful looking and the shape was well structured.
Moya in the Lala dress (the tie front one)

my obsessions were the accessories- the leather bags and belts. i think, out of everything designed, these were the swan song. jane has always done really well with leather goods and this time around, she didn't disappoint. the bags were beautiful and covetable. the JM tote came in a variety of colors, such as pebble (suede white with black dots), a suede leather combo with green and black. the big billies and little billies came in khaki, wine and black. there was a new billie with smaller handles that sits on the shoulder that came in the previous mentioned colors, but was a suede leather combo.
there was a smaller bag that came in brocade that Moya quite liked.
the belts were amazing and the henri belt (at $295) was a think gold belt with apple bead decoration that sits on the high waist, is something that i put my name down for. i am obsessed with it.

i hope this is a sign that mayle will be producing more things in the near future. bc i almost bought my third billie but i had to remind myself...that i already own two :)


kadieanne said...

thanks so much for posting more photos! it is SO painful to be across the country and not be able to visit the pop-up in person!!

Moya said...

It's lovely to see your photos. I'd love to see more and maybe get some copies of the ones with me in the coat to show to friends. Thanks so much--I had a blast at the store with you!