Thursday, July 15, 2010

hot daze//canada comes to nyc!

soooo right now, im updating from the airport, waiting for my flight to new orleans (i got here waaaaaaaay to early-oh well, i'll just watch buffy until the flight comes! )
*yawn* i had a long day, starting at moma with the lovely miss emma, and a late night last night, so late in fact that i really only slept two hours.
why do yo say that caroline?
well last night was a night of hellos and dear goodbyes!
first MoMA
we went to the maya deren exhibit, and saw a documentary on maya deren. it was incredibly illuminating, i had no idea she had done such such extensive work with haitian voodoo rituals. maya deren is one of my favorite video artists but after the documentary, she became one of my favorite artists. the documentary showed clips of a large portion of her films, most i had never seen before. she filmed the body in such a poetic way.
ze photoz
this is a from the bruce nauman "days" instillation (which was the US entry to the venice biennale in 2009)

marilyn minter video still i took. i am kind of obsessed with her work. most of it is oil painting that is just so lush, juicy and all about sex. the frankness of it is incredibly refreshing. emma and i were talking bout if i was drawn to it b/c it was a woman portraying sex so frankly and thus exploring female sexuality or was it the subject matter, medium and execution? and honestly, i think its all of that combined. it is interesting knowing that woman created it and it is so frank about sex. however..i just really like how it's rendered. the colors, the use of anatomy, of close ups and everything is incredibly slick...i just like it.

hey, look! it's an emma looking at art!

what? i was really excited about my shoes, they are new!
american apparel skirt, tatty devine T REX necklace, loeffler randall shoesies

first for the hellos
MISS ISABEL IS IN NYC and we met up for a hot second. it was really cool to finally talk to her face to face as opposed to blog to blog chit chatting via comments.
we went to jalopy in redhook brooklyn and had all around a swell time.
however, it sucks a wee bit that isabel came to visit nyc when it was so hot, swampy and gross gross gross out.

aviva and isabel switch glasses. aviva kind of has the best shoe and glasses collection this side of the universe. friend stephanie has pretty sweet glasses as well.

so that is all...i'll update lots more when i'm down south.

ta ta for now!

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Isabel said...

Yaya! it was so nice meeting you and I am totally yanking this picture to use on my blog! No worries, of course I will credit you.