Friday, July 30, 2010

will davidson and frances bean cobain

some new obsessions in black and white
will davidson's august spread in "RUSSH" magazine. one of my favorite photographers, this is an amazing shoot. a perfect example of the marriage of art and fashion, of complex and beautiful images that create a narrative and illuminate not only the clothing/costuming choices but the emotion of the model.

and then
france bean cobain's ink drawings made under the pseudonym "fiddle tim." i met frances once, briefly and randomly, and let me tell you, that girl is so wise beyond her years and incredibly well voiced and cool to boot. looking at her work, it proves not only her talent but maturity. you can tell that she will make some incredible work within her life time. i just love how dark and sardonic her work is.
some of my favorites

enjoy some of my new visual obsessions
ta ta,


Zoe said...

Wow! Gorgeous photos and great inspiration!
Big thanks to you for sharing!

Your blog makes me smile,

TOPCOAT said...

Alessandra is stunning in those photos, they are so strong!
Thanks for sharing!