Friday, July 9, 2010

sally potter's "rage"

last night i went to MoMA to see sally potter's "rage."
this whole month and maybe even summer is about women in film at MoMA. i'm a little obsessed with watching cinematic films at MoMA, the last one i had seen was JAWS two summers ago. there is just something kind of romantically peculiar about watching a cnimenatic film in an art musuem, usually b/c it is afterhours (the film was over at 10), which feels so "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler."
so sally potter's rage

sally potter answering questions about the film

it's about a handful of deaths and murders over the course of a week at a fashion show. at one fashion show. a student named michelanglo interviews all sorts of people associated with the fashion house (seamstress, event planners, the designer, the owner of the investor behind the designer's label, models, ect). but he interviews them with his CELLPHONE. that's a key point to this story. he interviews ppl for an entire week, after the first day he edits and uploads the interviews to his website, the second day uploads the second days worth of interviews, ect.
sally potter released this film first on cellphones, then cinemas, then dvds.
she shot the film for the format of its presentation- ie cellphones. so she chose the interview process to show b/c the background was going to be so unseen, thus people are interviewed in front of a greenscreen that changes colours.
i think that this actually works better for the film b/c it is a caper, essentially, there's murder involved. and what it does, like vintage crime noir films, is that it masks the death and violence we are seeing, leaving it up to the viewer to imagine what happened. this is powerful b/c not only is it forcing us, the audience, to interpret what has transgressed from what people are saying in the interviews, we also have to imagine exactly what happened.
what i also find brilliant about the film is that sally potter made it as a reaction to this fear of the internet, a lot heads of companies and what not were saying that the internet and piracy will kill cinema and her reaction was no it will, it will evolve. which is true, photography didn't kill painting, introducing sound didn't destroy cinema. it just evolved. i mean look at our ipods, we can watch movies on those, why not make some films that are just to exists for a medium that small?
anywho...a great film, i totally recommend seeing it.

what i wore there:

the new apt!

built by wendy sample sale dress (i'm trying to buy the majority of my clothes now from ebay, sample sales or thrift stores), miu miu naked woman collar, repetto shoes.
i think, if i would tweak this outfit, maybe change the shoes.
but over all, i feel vaguely jackie kennedy in this. but it's probably just my hair. cos i attempted to straighten it when its oh, you know nearly 100 degrees out...

ta ta!

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