Monday, July 26, 2010

moleskin and road trips to texas

a couple days ago...i went out and lost my moleskin. hours later it rained. the next morning, a lovely samaritan called me to say my moleskin had been found, albeit it was now incredibly soggy. i pulled the papers out of the book, as delicately as i could. i pasted them on a wall to drive and took photos.

it also rained today

(skirt j crew, shirt urban outfitters)
also, today i drove from new orleans to houston (6 hours ish) and took some photos. i love road trips. and black and white photography (though this is digital).

one of my best friends megan, the trusty driver.



miss sophie said...

oh my gosh, what a wonderful story of lost and found again. have the pages from your moleskin recovered?

miss sophie said...
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louise or valentine said...

almost recovered! some things i cannot read b/c i wrote in a light red gel ink...