Friday, July 23, 2010

theory runway show at the saks in new orleans

last night i attended a theory runway show at the saks in new orleans.
two girls interning for theory/saks in new orleans planned and executed the idea and the entire show.
two things that are important to point out about this:
a lot of saks and department stores in the south sometimes, i feel, get shafted when it comes to events compared to semi larger stores such as ones in LA, NYC and even Dallas. However, shows like the theory one generates a ton of money, buzz and prestige for the company. last night's show as covered by the society pages in the times picayune (i ran into the social writer there).
in addition to that, and this is something that i have known for ages, southern women (like most women) care a lot about their appearance and clothing and are willing to spend money on it, they just have a particular style.
last night's theory runway show was held primarily for the saks's best clientele, so it was a private event complete with champagne, raffles for gifts, gelato and of course, shopping. and people did shop and spend money, a fair amount of money on theory.

holding fashion shows like these are such a smart, smart, smart idea-its a way to showcase a particular brand and illustrate how diverse pieces can be, it's essentially a walking editorial, it creates feelings of exclusivity (b/c its a closed event) but it also shows that the company prides and cares for its customers, and it's also fun, too. but aside from that, events like these will usually be covered by any news outlet, be it blogs, the newspaper, small fashion peridoicals that most big cities have, or weekly locally run papers, all of which is equivalent to free ad space. saks will be mentioned, as will theory, thus alerting potential consumers and customers to the fact that saks now has a new shipment of clothing, particularly theory.

so now about that night.
was it fun? oh heck yes it was! how was theory? olivier theyskens collab in sight (that may be...a ways down the road?) but plenty of cute basics.
did i buy anything? well i tried...but this one shirt wasn't in my size. oh, pooh.
i enjoyed the fashion show b/c it was styled really really well. theory isn't really a brand i gravitate towards- it's a brand all about basics for the trendy and classical styled girl that has to wear a suit to work. none of which applies to me. but the outfits were really well done, i have to say. everything looked classic but with an edgy twist, which can be difficult with very basic pieces.

also...the champagne was delicious.

what i wore:

mayle dress, prada shoes, marc jacobs bag
i was kind of going for a lady who lunches but in another life was probably a roadie (not a groupie) for asiouxsie sioux and the banshees. and i think i did a pretty good job of articulating that with my clothes. and the shoes were cute, too :)

ta ta for now,

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Beckerman Girls said...

Great article! Love your style girl!!!
I totally agree about fashion shows - who needs an excuse to get dressed up, drink champagne and shop!!! YAY!
Lots of love,
The Beckerman Girls