Monday, July 12, 2010

paolo ventura

around a week or two ago, i was invited by hasted hunt kraeutler to accompany one of the gallery owners to visit paolo ventura's studio, who is one of my favorite artists.
paolo ventura makes miniatures and dioramas and then photographs them, which is the most basic way to describe it. a more elaborate way, is that paolo creates little scenes that hint of yesteryear and fairy tales, of european stories that were told a long time ago. imagine, if you will, a traveling theatre group stops in the woods, a man wearing a soldier's uniform and bird head masks standing amongst snow and birch trees; paolo creates beautiful scenes that are based in both in fantasy and reality.
to say that i like his work is an understatement.
but the even better part, is that paolo is a very nice guy. and he welcomed my critique and opinions of his current work.

some photos of his studio

mr ventura, the artist and mr kraeutler, one of the gallery owners

what i wore (and what i've been wearing to move furniture as it is very very comfortable and does well in this swampy, murky weather)

also...check out paolo ventura's website here

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