Monday, January 24, 2011

chloe sevigny for opening ceremony

fyi- you aren't really allowed to photograph in opening ceremony :(
so no photos of the line in the store.

Within the past 48 hours, I have gone to Opening Ceremony twice with two different people to check out the new Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony line.
So collectively, we all agreed that the stuff was cute but the quality was utter shite, totally atrocious. One dress that costs three hundred and eighty dollars was made out of polyester. Not silk, not bamboo, not some pretty high quality cotton, no no, polyester- a fabric that looks like cheap silk and keeps you cold in the winter and hot and sweaty in the summer, a fabric that when lit on fire, doesn't burn but melts. A couple of dresses did come in cotton, but the cotton felt so cheap and thin, that I imagine if you wore them outside, the sunlight would render them see-through.

Color wise, Chloe stuck to classic Chloe. Everything came in only 4 fabrics- houndstooth, paisley, leopard and floral print.

The shoes were cute though, and lightweight, however the leather looked cheap and they cost up to five hundred dollars.
The only affordable things were the Mapplethorpe tee shirts (those were kind of cool, but I'm not really a tee shirt person), the tote bags and the tights- which were a special collaboration with Fogal, however the tights only came in the same four prints and cost 85 dollars. I am debating about getting the floral ones, primarily b/c i love the pattern but also because the other tights look so normal, something that you could find at the drugstore store and don't seem to warrant the 85 dollar price tag.

My issues with the line weren't that I didn't like it, I actually loved some of the dresses and the cropped cardigans were super cute- I just can't reconcile the quality of the garments with the price tags. I understand that Opening Ceremony has to have things at a certain price point, what with overhead, cost of development, ect- but these things looked like Urban Outfitters clothing and Urban Outfitters quality. The price should reflect that, b/c 400 dollars for a very light weight cotton dress in houndstooth is kind of ridiculous.

images from Blogue.

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