Friday, January 7, 2011

nadine blake store, new orleans

One of my friends told me about this store in the Quarter that I was going to be obsessed with once I went inside. So, I waited until after all of the Sugar Bowl people had left and went.
Yes, I am pretty obsessed with Nadine Blake, the store and the proprietress. Nadine Blake, the woman, grew up in New Orleans, moved to New York and moved back to New Orleans four or five years ago and opened her namesake store. Stocked with affordable art, vintage furniture and knick-knacks, jewelry, art books, bags, and stationary, the store is one a stop shop of everything pretty, eccentric and cool.
My favorites, aside from the vintage furniture that was pretty affordable but I have no where to put it, where the pantone mugs, the fashion art books, minimalist ceramics in white, pale blue and pink, and the stationary. Some of the stationary is New Orleans themed, some of it isn't, but it all has that beautiful vintage-y style hi I also studied graphic design and yes don't you want this print all of your house type of feel.
Hanging on parts of the walls are beautiful collages and mood boards that Nadine has put up- it's touches like that that make the store it's own entity. A lot of stores in New Orleans feature a lot of gold and fleur de lis, however Nadine Blake's store references New Orleans in a really unique way and stay's true to the style of the owner- it's hip, it's cute, and it's for a lot of artistically inclined people.
It's my kind of place.

Nadine Blake is located at 1036 Royal St, at Ursulines Ave in the French Quarter


Blondie said...

LOVE THIS! I wish I was near so I could check it out. I love your disclaimer at the bottom too lol. Kori xoxo

louise or valentine said...

it's such a great store!

haha yeah i had to add that disclaimer b/c someone emailed me and was like i love your images, can y ou make them higher res?
and i was like i can't.

michelle said...

I'm so glad to see this store written up! The owners are super-nice too. I love their jewelry selection and wish I had picked up a pantone mug when I still lived not too far away in Baton Rouge.

BTW, have you ever eaten at EAT on Dumaine St? It was my favorite restaurant there, and was recommended to me by the owners of Nadine Blake.

louise or valentine said...

no i haven't gone to eat yet, but i'll definetly go before i leave new orleans!
thanks for the tip.

Dani Sunario said...

What an eclectic, beautiful store. Lovely blog too! :)
Now following!