Friday, January 28, 2011

Cynthia Rowley Sample Sale

Yesterday, Moya and I trekked out in the incredibly slush strewn streets to the Cynthia Rowley sample sale. Because of the snow, the store was pretty much completely empty, so Moya and I got first dibs on everything at the sale. In addition to the sample sale, a good chunk of the winter stock was also on sale, up to at least half price off on specific items.

Belts, tights, shoes, bags, all of the accessories were incredibly affordable. I really wanted this one belt but it didn't quite fit me the way I wanted it to. It was designed to fit right underneath the bust, but I wear most of my belts at my waist, right at the base of my rib cage. It was 9 dollars, it was a tough decision but for the best. I don't need more things that I really really like but don't ever actually wear.

A lot of the clothing were actual samples, not just things on sale- I know it's called a "sample sale" but often times sample sales are just glorified normal end of season sales combined with unsold stock from previous seasons but with fairly high price points. Cynthia Rowley's sample sale actually had decent prices, with on sale items and samples. But the samples were definitely samples, either running too small or too big, with unfinished hems or were crookedly sewn together.
I walked away with a sample from the upcoming season that had a crooked waist band but nothing that a belt couldn't cover and two pairs of tights. I love the dress even with the flaw and considering that I would've bought the dress anyway (albeit with a perfect waist) from the upcoming season, I consider this a great find. It was a pretty good haul and I'm glad I showed some restraint, because there were about five things I wanted in total. I may go back and see if anything gets further reduced, but I kind of doubt it will.

on a different note, I kind of really wanted these bags and shoes, but I've given myself this rule that I shouldn't buy bags that won't hold useful things such as my camera and I shouldn't buy shoes that aren't my size and are kind of small on my feet and thus would render me immobile.

The Cynthia Rowley Sample Sale is being held until Sunday at the Cynthia Rowley store in the West Village, 376 Bleeker Street.

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