Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dapper dan in flushing, queens

Yesterday, some of my friends and I decided to go on a food tour of Jackson Heights and Flushing, Queens. Even admist the rain and the snow piled up on the sidewalk from the previous weeks, we trekked. And ate, and trekked and ate.
We walked the last four stops of the 7 train, past Shea Stadium, past the Iron Triangle, over a highway that was over water and into Flushing, Queens.
From eating tamales, to dumplings, in total I spent 10 dollars, max.
It was probably the most fun that I've had in weeks.
That's what I love about New York, you can walk almost anywhere and see all of these places you never knew existed.
My friend, Bobby Bouzouki, joined us. He is a bouzouki player, and plays rebetika music- old time greek music about murder, love, drinking, ect. This is what he wears when it's raining out. It's all vintage.

It was so wet, Bobby's pants appear two tone. Our feet got so cold and wet in Jackson Heights, that we wrapped them up in plastic bags and new socks and put our shoes back on to continue the main leg of the food journey.

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