Monday, January 17, 2011

peoria, il

i went to visit my grandmother this weekend, she currently lives in peoria. everything is vast, with long stretches of field and rolling hills, everything is cold and snow covered, kind of a beautifully bleak atmosphere.
my dad's family grew up in illnois, along the mississippi river, it's ironic or perhaps fitting that my mother, her family, and i grew up along the mississippi river, too, albeit in louisiana and mississippi.

my sister in the hotel room

emo's, the closed ice cream joint.

view from mimi's hospital window, you can barely see tree tops covered in snow

mama in peoria

obviously, this was the favorite spot in the hotel room

me in peoria

jeffrey campbell brogues, jacket from high school (i think it's see by chloe), sal val dress from my last visit to peoria, urban outfitters hat, hansel from basel tights

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