Wednesday, January 5, 2011

jam session in the marigny/bywater area

A night reunited with friends in New Orleans took me all over, from a shack of a bar called Snake n Jakes in Uptown to my friend's new apt in the Bywater and to a jam session down the street. I have to be honest, 4 Loko was also involved, as was a fire pit, steel guitars, banjos, washboards and fiddles. If it hadn't been a cloudy night, I would've been able to see the stars. So, it was magically chill night.

J Crew shirt, thrifted skirt, Ann Demuelmeester boots

outside snake n jakes

joesph playing banjo in sarrah's room

sarrah's mirror and her cat sadie

my friend robin, being "literature"

robin's hat

robin's typewriter

jam session

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