Tuesday, October 26, 2010

boston was so great, it got TWO updates.

The main reason I went to Boston (for less than 24 hours) was to visit my friend Nera. The last time I was in Massachusetts was six years ago to look at colleges, one of which is the college Nera attends.
I really love visiting my friends who have attended colleges with a traditional college campus. Since NYU doesn't really have one, I have something just really appealing about staying in dorms that are spread out in between trees or are in old houses, ect. What I love in it is probably rooted in the fact that I find it so odd since my idea of a "normal" college experience is so different. My first apt that I lived in as a sophomore in college was in Alphabet City- that to me seems normal.
While I've lived in New York for four years, and prior to that I lived in Louisiana and Texas, I've never really experienced what I would think of as a true Fall. Oh sure, the leaves change wherever you go, but not like what I saw up in Boston. In Houston and New Orleans, you barely notice Fall until it's well into December. The leaves stay green for a bit and then turn a slightly yellowish color. In New York the leaves turn a sickly light yellow and fall off in bunches.
However, further north they turn a rich, rich saffron, appearing almost honeyed in nature, so beautiful that I wanted to put them in my mouth. Yes, I wanted to eat leaves, I wanted to roll them in and take them home with me and put them up all over my apartment. Everything was blanketed in rich emeralds, pinky deep reds and yellows. The only response I had was soo....preeeettty...

On Saturday, Nera took me shopping and I shot some streetstyle. We then met up with the lovely Eunice. I love meeting people who's blogs I've read and vice versa. She was so nice!
Needless to say, I had a wonderful day long excursion vacation.

Nera playing in the leaves

Inside this amazing store near Berklee College of Music called Bodega

The Haul
Cape from a vintage store in Waltham, Dress Alexa Chung by Madewell (yes I went to a Madewell in Boston, yes I know there is one in NYC), Band of Outsiders Sperry collab (I have such big feet that I can fit into men's shoes...)

I'm so so so excited to wear the shoes and cap. And the dress as well. But the shoes I'm most excited about!
Maybe it's the southern in me but jeezum petes, I love sperrys...And band of outsiders. this is the best of both worlds.


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