Friday, October 29, 2010

inspiration: kanye west's movie, chanel and new orleans

the title says it all-these are what i find fashion inspirational right now. however...i am really obsessed with how kanye's movie looks. the color palette, the sets-these stills are like beautiful little tableaus or gregory crewdson stills, except with way more fantastical subject matter.
i love it. i think i love it more as little photographs.
kanye's got some mad skills for art production.
stills from his film "runaway", and not in the order of how they appeared in the film.

chanel outfit

me at my mom's house, in new orleans.
shoes-refurbished miu miu

until later. i'm going outside to enjoy the fresh louisiana sunshine and air.

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miss sophie said...

oh my i LOVE those pics of you on the porch of your mom's gorgeous house! the red and black just pops so well against the all-white architecture.

i'm making slow cooker jambalaya tonight for dinner - the apartment smells so good, and one of these days i'm going to have to visit New Orleans to try some of the cajun cuisine...