Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the madeline rhyme

an old house in paris all covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines, the smallest one was madeline....

i used to have that entire story memorized but that's the only part i can still remember.
sometimes, when repeating it, it almost sounds like they are describing my house! except my house isn't in paris and it isn't entirely covered with vines and greenery.

this whole shoot was just me messing around my house (some of the focusing is off, whoops)

my mom's fountain with my dog bon bon (her name used to be bonnie blue, she was named after scarlett o'hara's daughter, it was my favorite movie when we got her. however, over time her name has been shortened to bon bon)
surface to air shoes, anna sui dress

leopard sitting area
in my moicun dress, kate spade outlet mall socks and jeffrey campbell wannabe celine shoes

by the pool
in my buffalo exchange chanel jacket (sometimes when digging you can find the best things), urban outfitters shorts, gap shirt, kate spade outlet mall stockings (it was a great discovery) and jeffrey campbell shoes

in my sister's old bedroom/guest bedroom (she moved into a house with all of her stuff this year, thus her room is now the guest bedroom. whereas all of my stuff doesn't fit into my apt, so my room is still a caroline zoned area)
backwards marc by marc jacobs dress (i found it in telluride, co), gap black shirt

until later,


Jenny said...

wow! this is a gold mine for outfit shots! any way we can see the images bigger?

louise or valentine said...

i could try but i fear that if i put anything larger people could steal the images.

however, thanks for the compliment! ill let my mom know that people like her house :)