Friday, October 22, 2010

what's better than being 3 stories up in the air surrounded by trees??

last sunday emma and i went to the highline.
it was one of those perfect sundays, since i had started the morning with pancakes from an old school diner near my apartment and i was going to end the day with a free yoga lesson.

the sun was impossible warm and bright while still being cool enough for tights and a sweater.
the highline was teeming with people.
it felt like one of those last gasps of breath that summer has when it's officially autumn.

there's nothing like being suspended in the air three stories above manhattan and being surrounded by trees. in chelsea. it's almost like being in an alternate universe b/c it doesn't quite feel real.

we strolled the highline in it's entirety and afterwards we had pear cider enroute to our advanced yoga class aptly named "big juicy."

it was a great day.

topshop dress (a million and a half years old), phillip lim jacket, outlet mall tatum hat.

the emmapanorama taken on the highline

the lovely emma

emma and i both have decided to start doing things for pleasure and fun. by saying that i mean, we are taking time for ourselves and this highline day was definetly a me not we day. it was about emma having fun, caroline having fun, no obligations, no things that must be done, people we must see. just straight up relaxing pleasure fun time day.


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Eunice said...

hey caroline! you still coming to boston this weekend? let me know, you can email me at ebrady at pdx dot edu. :)