Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new york street style: transition from summer to full on fall

Right now in New York, the weather is doing that lovely weird thing where it can't decide if it's hot or cold. Which leaves me being stubborn and refusing to unearth my winter clothes from the truck that is buried underneath a myriad of stuff in my room (that stuff includes a baby steel filling cabinet full of jewelry, camera lenses and a type writer). but since the weather is being weird, and it is warm in the buttery sun and pretty freezing in the shade, i am getting by and by just dandy fine with a sweater, sometimes silk printed silk scarves or a trench.
these people look pretty warm in the shade and cool in the sun as well.

i loved that this girl is wearing a short sleeved rittenhouse dress with a turban and fake fur collar.

i saw these guys on the street and had to photograph them. i love all the layers they are wearing, how so unconsciously cool they look. it's as if they woke up, threw on clothing from a pile of amazing curated and picked pieces and walked out the door.

im usually not a huge fan of jean material but this dress was really cute. the palete of restrained colors (black and jean) really made her hair and glasses pop.

these kids just looked like they were having fun.

these were the first people i shot when i knew i wanted to do something about transitioning from summer to fall. i love this girl's dress and the detailing on it. i love her heidi braids and i love that her friend is wearing a tie. what cool kids.

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