Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the corin tucker band

full disclosure i write this as im listening to "the woods." more disclosure? i was kind of distraught, the sink in the pit of your stomach feeling when a book series ends, the final goodbye, no more-when sleater kinney went on indefinite hiatus.

the corin tucker band is not sleater kinney. try separating her voice- her full, awesome, deep voice- from one to the other but it's really different and thank god for that.

i came to the show at bowery ballroom. amazing energy, different entity. her voice holds nostalgia for me- the fist issue of bust i bought, when i learned about kathleen hanna and feminist theory, the left wing bumper stickers i decorated my first car in, my high school activism ignited. it call came back. kathleen hanna was at the show. i didn't fan girl out, but i really, really wanted to.

sometimes i wonder if it's good music or nostalgia i have. listening again to the corin tucker band, it's obvious it's the talent. however, one can't help but wonder, if like williman eggleston's work which is so rooted in nostalgia, is it good b/c it's so indicative of a time, mood, feeling, b/c it's a documentary piece of the time as it was happening or is it good b/c it's simply good?

my friend sarah (who used to intern with me at bust), invited to me the show. we started talking about the beatles, pointed out that the beatles is like that. the beatles are often called the greatest rock band ever, but are they? or is it b/c the people who own music magazines are the ones that grew up when the beatles came out. could it be that the beatles were popular for the time b/c it represented something so different than what came before it? perhaps the beatles are popular now b/c of nostalgia (also the music they created but their popularity and celebrity is rooted in something more than just sheer talent). we build them up. sarah was saying why not nominate another band? like sleater-kinney or rather now corin tucker band as the best band ever.
i agree.
so is corin tucker band good? yes they are.
sleater kinney was once mentioned in rolling stone's greatest rock bands of the year or some title along those lines- they were one of hte only "girl" groups. but rock isn't about gender, it's about music.
corin tucker band is it's own band, with an amazing singer, and some awesome music.
it's not "alternative, indie, girl" it just is what it is, which is awesome.

corin tucker band
corin is in a dress from a woman in portland's vintage shop called "yo vintage"

i'm in my new favorite clothes- agnes b for opening ceremony jacket that feels very old french woman, my favorite top shop dress and band of outsiders sperrys

now i need to get dressed for work.
i'm wearing the madewell alexa chung dress.

ta ta for now!
c new favorite song....
the corin tucker band- doubt

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