Thursday, October 14, 2010

when light hits sequins it reminds me of tinkerbell

my friend monique and i do this thing where we lend each other clothing for such really reeeeeeeally long periods of time and while the other person pretty much owns it, it's still technically ours. this dress is hers but it lives at my house and i take it out for day trips such as wearing it to work or on dates such as friday nights, like i'm doing today.

vintage dress, rag and bone boots

ain't it grand? look at these sequins! monique got this from the this old store she used to work out. this old woman died and all of her clothing from the '40s was sold. she also had smaller and larger versions of outfits in her wardrobe, so she had doubles of dresses that were just in different sizes. which i find excessive and kind of disturbing (i guess it was for weight gain) in theory but in practice, it's...kind of awesome...b/c there are more pretty dresses around in multiple sizes. oh this doesn't fit? GIVE ME THE OTHER ONE.
i'm getting ahead of myself and kind of excited but vintage does that to me.

also my top loves lusts wants would sell a kidney to own maybe if i could but i don't think they give you money for organs- clothing stills from fashion week


jonathan saunders

peter pilotto

versus (which i never thought i'd be into...but hey...look plaid!)


gary graham

so i'm kind of obsessed with light/baby blue right. what are you gonna do about it?
yeah, that's what i thought.

ta ta,

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Anonymous said...

glad you're letting it breathe! Come to New Orleans!